Urban TV's Denzel Almost Bonks In Public

Urban TV's Denzel Almost Bonks In Public
Photo: Unknown 2018-10-04T09:15:45Z

Over the weekend, the 20th edition of Blankets and Wine happened at Cricket Oval, Lugogo.

Kampala's most celebrated party animals were in attendance as showbiz took centre stage despite having a few individuals using the day to showcase their raging horn.

Urban TV's Denzel Mwiyeretsi left revellers stunned when he almost bonked his partner at the event before being intercepted by Paparrazi.
Denzel almost failed to control his horn when he started undressing , getting cosy and intimate with partner midway the event in the presence of revellers.

The desperate-for-sex pair were pictured a as they engaged in the naughty antics but even that didn't seem to faze them.
The two later left the grounds to quench their thirst as it was written all over their faces.

Our snoops managed to capture those horny moments of Denzel and partner. 

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