Cindy Could Be Headed For Jail

Cindy Could Be Headed For Jail
Photo: Unknown 2018-06-11T10:12:34Z

Singer Cindy could soon head to jail after failing to pay the debt she owes an events company, which has filed a case against her.

She was booked for a show on 31st December last year, but she failed to turn up for the event.

The "Onina" singer is said to have been paid Shs 2M by Bliq events entertainment and a balance of Shs 2M was to be cleared after her performance.

Howwe has learnt that  Cindy’s representatives admitted that the singer failed to turn up as the parties had agreed. and She also honoured the summon by Nakawa court to respond to charges filed by Bliq events entertainment.

Nakawa court magistrate Noah Sajjabi advised both parties to take matters out of court, and reach a mutual understanding. The court ruling also instructed the complainant to report to court today (Monday) in case they fail to reach a mutual agreement.

Bliq events entertainment is seeking Shs 12million to cater for the losses and other damages which were incurred during and after the incident, and failure to pay before today (Monday) will mean sending her to jail.

We shall keep you posted.

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