Men Want To Bonk Me — Pia Pounds Cries

Men Want To Bonk Me —  Pia Pounds Cries
Photo: Unknown 2018-06-05T09:00:32Z

After signing to Eddy Kenzo's Big talent Record Label in 2017, singer Pia Pounds was officially introduced to the music fraternity despite having spent over 5 years in the industry.

Sexy Pia Pounds has now revealed that several horny men want to enjoy her honey pot.


She claims she has failed to make a breakthrough because men are more interested in her body than music.


She took to her social media and posted, "It is hard working with men. People are always asking for sex and they don’t take you seriously as a female artiste. I just need to put in a lot of work. As much as I sacrifice a lot, there are other things I cannot sacrifice. I have been in the industry for long and people ask for sex but I refuse and that is why I have not risen so fast."


Well, we are not sure of which men work with Pia Pounds but she only know she works with Eddy Kenzo.


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