I Was Never Fired Over Pastor Bugingo — Dembe Fm’s Aloysious Matovu Jnr

I Was Never Fired Over Pastor Bugingo — Dembe Fm’s Aloysious Matovu Jnr
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Dembe FM’S Aloysius Matovu was fired a few weeks back from Dembe FM over unclear circumstances. Before his departure, he had sued city pastor Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in Makerere Kikoni, a Kampala over the burning of the bibles.

He went to court asking the judges to prosecute the city pastor for the sin full act.

Weeks later, he lost his job and Bugingo’s fans celebrated like they had won a lottery. They claim they prayed for weeks and God finally heard their prayers.

A few days ago, Matovu has come out to clear the air. He claims that he was never sacked over Bugingo. He says he asked for leave and will return when it is done.

 “I just wanted to rest since I have been working nonstop, “he says.

Fast rewind, Bugingo stunned Christians when he torched Bibles on claims that they are ‘misleading’ and cannot be a dependable source of the Gospel. 

Bugingo’s followers quoted their leader, telling them before overseeing the burning of the Bibles that King James Version and the New Testament, were tampered with and that some verses were omitted without explanation.

For instance, Pastor Bugingo told his flock that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, were deleted through unclear circumstances and that the word “Holy Ghost” appears 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times. To Pastor Bugingo, the defects in the Bible were the handwork of “devil worshipers” and should, therefore, not be allowed to confuse Christians.

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