Singer Khalifa Aganaga Survives Jail By Whisker

Singer Khalifa Aganaga Survives Jail By Whisker
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-02T09:37:25Z

Singer Khalifa Aganaga is one of those fine artists who every typical music promoter wants to book for a show, simply because of his lively stage performance.

However on the New Year’s Eve, Aganaga survived jail when a promoter identified as Rashid stormed Aganaga’s office to demand for his money over singer’s refusal to perform during Christmas shows in Wakiso district!

“I signed with Khalifa to come and perform during Christmas. I paid him 1.5 m and I told him to receive the remaining 1 million after performing. Khalifa didn’t show up, am here with police to arrest him to give me back my money” promoter told our snoop.

Meanwhile, we contacted his manager and told our snoop that the complaining music promoter had been sorted and there was no need to worry.

We will keep you posted.

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