Bebe Cool Chased From Club Guvnor Over Bad Manners!

Bebe Cool Chased From Club Guvnor Over Bad Manners!
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-27T07:23:24Z

Uganda’s self-proclaimed number one music star Bebe Cool got an embarrassment of his life when he was stopped and chased from premises of club Guvnor during Christmas weekend.

The Ki Ekiganye singer got the shock when he forcefully tried to enter the club with his crew but was ordered to adhere to the security checks and pay some money for his other colleagues before they could enter. Bebe Cool refused ..pointing a finger at the bouncer which almost so him test the wrath of nonsense mugged guy.

Furious Bebe Cool threatened the bouncer, exchanged heavy words before he decided calling the owner of the club,  Moses Lubega and other few important people to come to his rescue but his efforts went useless.

The embarrassed singer was seen walking off the club premises and the shame had weakened his ego.

We will keep you posted.

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