Swangz Avenue Boss Rubbishes Rich Gang Party

Swangz Avenue Boss Rubbishes Rich Gang Party
Photo: Unknown 2016-12-22T07:02:29Z

Julius Kyaze the Chief executive officer of Muyenga based Swangz avenue hardly makes confrontations but for the first time he published a shocker message about the popular rich gang members and their so-called Money, fame and power party due to take place at the industrial area based club Guvnor.

He described them as mere event promoters that make earnings off the event. If they really have money way create up a cover charge for part revellers rather than making it a free event.

"Someone help me understand these boys after-all it's Xmas, we can afford a bit of time wasting. I hear these boys flaunt money and all that but I don't understand why then throw a party and charge for it. Do they actually come to make money from a small gig? I would expect for a money gang to throw an invite-only party at Guvnor and everything is in the house. Like everything. Something tells me these boys are not any different from us bivulu promoters who organise gigs to make a living.   They don't actually put a dime in these small events they organise, they instead do them to make a bit of money. I see the open bar on the poster but then u r charging for it. Anyways what do I know, the boys need their 5 mins. Welcome to our business rich gang. U should consider freedom city next year too. #madeofmoney #merryxmas #morganheritagelive2017" he posted

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