11 Things We Learned From Sheebah's Nkwatako Concert

11 Things We Learned From Sheebah's Nkwatako Concert
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Let's put aside the disappointment that is Iryn Namubiru who just butchered the National Anthem forgetting lyrics to the last stanza in front of the President ... on National TV.

Sheebah's Nkwatako concert has been the talk of the corner for the past 3 days -- and that's because she now holds the record of pulling the biggest crowd at both Hotel Africana and Freedom City.

Aside from finding out how big the anti-terrorism police team that kept the Africana concert secure was, here are 11 things we learned;

1: Sheebah is a good live performer.

She might not be the best, but Sheebah is a great live performer. Is it completely insane that we doubted her ability to sing live and keep it going for 2 hours? NOPE, it isn't. The times Sheebah ever tried to sing live at any of her gigs, it only raised more questions and doubt. She proved to her music fans that she was more than just a studio artist.

2: Bebe Cool only has one annoying signature dance and he loves it.

Bebe Cool and his butt seem to enjoy every second spent entertaining their fans when he steps on stage. The gagamel boss invented his own modified twerk move that he never misses out on performing every chance he gets ... and his energetic moment at Sheebah's debut concert at Hotel Africana was no different. 

Watch the FULL performance video here;

3: Irene Ntale is not Sheebah's Friend ... and it's official.

We haven't seen the two together since word went out that they were fighting over ownership of their hit collaboration 'Otubatisa'. Sheebah never appeared to support Irene Ntale at her debut concert and the 'Gyobera' singer was also never seen at the previous' concert on either occasions. Coincidence? Not really.

4: Desire Luzinda distracts fans from her awful vocals with a sexed up image

Desire Luzinda knows her selling factor, the only thing that sets her apart. Her butt. Her performance at Sheebah's concert was enough evidence she tries to distract her fans from her awful singing with a sexed up image. She spent almost half of her time on stage facing the stage trying to get people to channel their attention to her infamous derrière ... and trust me, her fans are good at being distracted from her awful vocals to her infamous derrière. Who isn't anyway?!

Desire Luzinda distracts fans from her awful vocals with a sexed up image

5: Girl Power: Sheebah broke David Lutalo's record

Sheebah proved female artists can be as good as their male counterparts. Male artist like Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, David Lutalo, Radio & Weasel and Bobi Wine have dominated the music audience over the past years and not even Juliana Kanyomozi or Iryn Namubiru -- two of the best Ugandan female artists -- have come close. Sheebah.

 6: Sheebah's Mom was tough on her daughter at first.

This was reportedly the second time Sheebah's mom watched her perform on a big stage. She wasn't always in agreement with the choice Sheebah made to join music because she wanted her to stay in school ... even when it was apparent that there was not enough money to make that happen. Sheebah had to leave her home for a hustle life all by herself ... and after several years, the hustle finally paid off. Good thing she and her mom are a happy family again.

7: Sheebah is the last born in a family of 5

Sheebah is the last born. Yep, the youngest -- at only 15 -- saw how bad things were for her family and decided to leave her 4 siblings behind for a risky career ... all so she can come back and help. Well, she made it.

8: Diamond Oscar can make a comeback

Here's a guy not just the fans but the music industry itself had written off. Hits the stage with his weird haircut and a red outfit and had the most part of the crowd singing along ... that's something even he didn't see coming.

With his energy and talent, Diamond Oscar can make a comeback in the music business if he puts his mind to it.

9: Mc Kats is insane

Mc Kats

10: Mc Kats still in love with Fille

Even after the nastiest of celebrity couple fights, Mc Kats hasn't lost his love for the mother of his child. He took to the stage dancing to Fille 'Mbeera Eno' song before confessing his love for her infront of thousands of music fans at Hotel Africana.

11: Roden Y, Uganda's most energetic performer.

Ask any concert photographer and they'll tell you taking a clear photo of Roden Y during a performance is harder than getting past an anti-terrorism policer officer without an ID.

Roden Y

... He knows how to move the crowd ...

Roden Y

Roden Y

And it's a wrap.

Sheebah Karungi

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