Pallaso And His Boys Thump Ray Signature To Pulp

Pallaso And His Boys Thump Ray Signature To Pulp
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-31T09:23:22Z

Howwe.Biz has received reports that local singer Ray Signature was over the weekend bullied/beaten by fellow singer Pallaso and his boys leaving him crying like a kid who has been an immunization injection.

According to Ray who is apparently nursing the beatings, claims Pallaso and his goons waylaid him, beat him up and also vandalized his car.

 “Am one artists who respects every one coz am respected. Today morning palaso’ kiffesi attacked me n did a lot to me beating n minimizing me but yooo the case is at police as i talk ryt now my car was damaged but God is good am not please please I need peace but this was too much. My God is greater than me n u palaso just know.” Ray told friends

It should be noted this is not the first time Pallaso is engaging in fights. Besides that, we have been told Ray Signature has opened up a file case at Police over the assault.

Watch this space.

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