DP Questions Uganda’s Independence

DP Questions Uganda’s Independence
Photo: Unknown 2016-10-04T13:06:58Z

The Democratic Party wants Ugandans to particularly reflect on how they have used the country’s independence since October 9th 1962.

Addressing the press in Kampala today, Kenneth Paul Kakande, the DP Spokesperson said the party takes pride in self-governance and independence where the people of Uganda fought for self-determination.

This however, he says is a time of reflection as to what Ugandans in particular and Africa at large have done with our independence.

“The pertinent question is; which independence when Ugandans are slaves and servitudes in their own Country?; which independence when we have made conditions unbearable for Ugandans who are running away to Europe, America and Arab countries to voluntarily offer themselves as slaves?; Which independence when the legal regime of a country favors a few against the many?; which independence when our hospitals are rotting away without doctors, without nurses, without power, without running water, without drugs?; which independence when our primary teachers have no capacity to pass Primary Living Examinations?; which independence when 6 million Ugandans cannot afford lunch and supper the same day?. The list is endless!” a visibly angry Kakande said.

Kakande says the Democratic Party calls for prayers in the politics of the country and all Ugandans at once to say enough is enough!

“We must change the way we are governed, take charge, reclaim our country and make it bigger for all Ugandans as we fight for true and total independence.”

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