Dj Pius And Vamposs Break Down Club Amnesia

Dj Pius And Vamposs Break Down Club Amnesia
Photo: Unknown 2016-09-10T08:40:13Z

Last Thursday club Amnesia treated its revelers to a great experience like never before, two big names and two awesome video premieres in the same night.

The plaza building night spot was packed with Rwandese Friesian 'cows' as they displayed great curves ahead of Dj Pius' (popularly known for his Agataako jam with Dr Jose Chameleone) Play it again video premiere that features Radio and Weasel.

The skinny star was in a company of hot Rwandese girls as well as rapper Atlas. At around 1:20 am he was joined by the X-rated Vampino who was in the build to showcase his Smart wire video as well.

Performances began at 2:15 am with Vamposs first on stage who performed all his hit songs before Dj Pius took the mic to ping pong with his crowd.

However, José Chameleone, Radio and Weasel were not present to show some love to the dude .

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