Juliana Kanyomozi's Fans Start Ushering Business!

Juliana Kanyomozi's Fans Start Ushering Business!
Photo: Unknown 2016-09-06T09:03:42Z

If anyone was under estimating Juliana Kanyomozi’s fans they better think twice.

Well, Juliana Kanyomozi’s fans Group has, only months into launching USHERING business on the local entertainment arena started displaying signs of a bright future.

What was started as a simple fans club by Juliana’s fans, the Juliana Kanyomozi’s Fans Group (JKFG) is the now the most loyal and successful among the other celebrity groups (Fire Base, Gagamel and others). They have on several occasions met and helped out each other when in the time of need.

Even with a lot of unemployment  issues to handle, their organization has managed to unite JK die-hards to see them transform from ordinary social media noise makers to Average rich youths through inking some big deals, and with latest being forming a company to help more unemployed fans.

Run and managed by young JK enthusiasts; the likes of Nayiga Mariam Ndibulungi, the group has already recruited more Juliana fans and has so far, orchestrated the ushering business into a whole new level!

It should be noted that these fans previously spent most of their time and money to promote their favorite musician’s works, including new songs, videos, concerts, sharing news links online, fight “wars” for their star and even call into radio and TV to request for their favorite artist’s music.

One can comfortably say Juliana fans have indeed given marketing and promotion of music a very interesting angle.

We wish them all the best.

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