Zuena Kirema Reaps Big From Hubby’s Concert

Zuena Kirema Reaps Big From Hubby’s Concert
Photo: Unknown 2016-08-10T14:11:45Z

Well, it seems Zuena Kirema just like her husband Bebe cool is smiling to the moon as she reaped big from the concluded life of Bebe cool concert for her services rendered during the show.

Apparently, Zuena Events and pastries Company was hired by Bebe Cool to offer decoration and design services for the concert. The company was charged with providing decor for the gold-and-black themed concert, in a deal that is believed to have earned Zuena millions of shillings.

Bebe cool was impressed by the services rendered that he has posted on his social media a photo of the captioned décor  encouraging his fans to consider using Zuena’s services.

“Did you like the decor at The Life of Bebe Cool Concert last Friday? Well if you did & have an event coming up like a Wedding, Kwanjula, Baby/Bridal shower, birthday or any other function, don’t hesitate to contact my wife Zuena Events/Pastries.” He said.

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