‘Pastors Are Exploiting Me’ — Gospel Singer Daisy Ejang Cries Out

‘Pastors Are Exploiting Me’ — Gospel Singer Daisy Ejang Cries Out
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Remember Daisy Ejang, the Uganda exceptional talent, Daisy Ejang stood out at Tusker Project Fame Season 6 in 2014? The one who has always been in news fighting over Levixone’s whopper.  

Well, news reaching us has it that the singer tired and fed up singing gospel music citing Pastors and some churches take the gospel singers for a ride while they contract them for peanuts (Apparently for 10,000=). Now that sounds abnormal but it’s a true story.

Singer took to social media and cried to whoever cared to listen how she and other singers are plotting to abandon church and pastor activities in a short period of time.

“It always disturbs me why some event organizers take gospel artists for a ride. Yet we invest a fortune in our music careers, someone wants to hire you for as little as transport money (10k-20k). I don’t see any slight excuse why you’d offer peanuts to Daisy Ejang, and give exorbitant amounts to the secular artists. Small money is a reason we’ve had many talented gospel artists swaying away from the church to the other side of the world, secular.

Personally, I have had my relationships with some pastors and former friends turn sour. Many have fallen out with me because I turned down their invites to perform at their events, churches, et al. These folks hold the perception that a gospel artist sings to win souls for Christ rather than to make money. Or a gospel artists sings for so little. One thing is for sure, by rewarding me with so little, you are cheapening my God and the talent he gifted me. The last thing I want to do in this world is to cheapen my God.

As a lady who got saved at a very tender age, through my music; I want win those souls for the almighty. I want heal. I want give hope. I want to express my undying love for the creator. But also, I want that money (Haha, truth spoken). How shall we get those nice Videos when the payment is little? How shall we minister?,” she fumed!

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