Bebe Cool — "I Wasn't Prepared But I Had a Ka 'Mercedes-Benz CLS 350' ... Gave it to My Wife on Her 30th Birthday"

Bebe Cool —
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Apparently, a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 Bebe Cool bought for his wife as a present on her milestone birthday isn't enough ... not even close.

He says he wasn't prepared (at all) and promised to do much better on her next birthday. Get her a jumbo jet, probably.

However, Zuena had a completely different feeling about this 'small' present. She actually thinks it's great and says she's 'in shock, happy, confused'.

Fall Present: Zuena tests the car Bebe Cool gave her as her 30th birthday present

In an Instagram post she shared, Zuena said she loves Bebe Cool so much;

So hubby bought the CLS 350 as my birthday present but because it came in earlier,he decided to keep quiet till yesterday on my birthday 😳😳😳 am in shock,happy,confused ehhh this is too much

Thank you so much my love,May Allah bless you with more years on earth

Bebe Cool says Zuena deserves anything and everything because she's beautiful and has a beautiful heart.

A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart deserves anything and everything. Happy birthday once again my wife.
I found i had nothing to give u this time that kud make sense and so I kindly request u to kindly accept my small present from my heart .
On your next birthday I promise I will be more prepared. Go Zuena,go gal.

 Zuena wears a smile as she poses besides her new ride

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