25-year-old man sentenced to 35 years in jail for Burglary

25-year-old man sentenced to 35 years in jail for Burglary
Photo: Unknown 2021-03-05T10:04:18Z

A 25-years-old man has been sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for burglary by the Military Court Martial sitting in Moroto 3rd division headquarters on Wednesday.

Mariko Chegem a resident of Kadilakan village in Lomario parish, Rupa sub County in Moroto district was sentenced after Court found him guilty of using a gun to terrorize shop operators in Rupa Sub County in Moroto district.

Chegem got 10 years for burglary, 5years for possession of firearms and 20 years for attempted murder.

Lt. Hamza Hirya the lead prosecutor told court that on 16th February 2021 at around 08.00pm, while at Rupa trading centre in Rupa sub county Moroto district, Mariko Chegem with 2 others still at large, using a gun registration number 220703 broke into Mr. Peter Adupa's shop.

During the course of the robbery, Mariko Chegem and two others still at large shot and injured Adupa on the right hand before taking off with his shop property and 500,000 Shillings.

Three days before the incident, back the same gun had been used for stealing animals from Napak adding that the convict was a habitual robber using illegal guns.

The Division court Martial chairman Col. Bernard Tuhame while reading the sentence told the convict that both three counts were to be served concurrently.

He also noted that by the time Chegem comes back to the society after serving his 35 years, he would be a reformed person and fit to live in the society.

He was taken to Moroto government prisons.

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