Two thugs arrested for robbing Mpesa Agent in Entebbe

Two thugs arrested for robbing Mpesa Agent in Entebbe
Photo: Unknown 2020-06-24T10:55:43Z

Officers at Entebbe Police Station have in custody two suspects on allegations of theft. The duo identified as Hussein Umar, 18, and Akasah Faizo were arrested on Monday after they allegedly robbed money from James Ongom, an Mpesa agent. 

Luke Owoyesigyire the deputy Police spokesperson Kampala metropolitan area says the suspects hired Vehicles and are always in company of either their sister Talal Kaibo or their grandmother, Wahil Ibrahim, 64, who are currently on the run.  

The two prime suspects always approached their victim and sent them for water or any refreshment as they rob whatever is in the cabin. 

Now, if the victim refuses to move, they signal the person in the car (lady) to come and produce a spray agent suspected to chloroform making the victim pass out and thereafter rob the victim's money. 

The suspects have been conducting their criminal activities in Katwe, Jinja Municipality, Abayita Ababiri, Mbale and Kabalagala Townships.  

Owoyesigyire says that so far two victims have reported to Entebbe Police Station and investigations are still ongoing. Also, three vehicles that were used in these thefts have been impounded after they were tracked down with the help of the CCTV cameras. 

“We want to caution all mobile money and MPesa agents to remain vigilant and always report suspicious people to the police” Owoyesigyire says.

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