Oyam DPC, OC arrested over death of four people

Oyam DPC, OC arrested over death of four people
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-06T13:40:15Z

The Oyam District Police Commander Victor Kule and the OC Ngai Police Post Joseph Odongo are in custody following their arrest by the North Kyoga Regional Police.

The duo’s troubles stem from the death of four people Victor Kule who were involved in a communal fight over Akuca Primary School land in Akuca parish Ngai sub-county in Oyam district.

On Tuesday, the duo was summoned to the Regional Police Headquarters by Peter Nkulega, the North Kyoga Regional Police commander who later ordered for their detention on allegations of negligence and disobedience of lawful orders.  

Nkulega had instructed both the DPC and the OC to intervene in the land dispute before it escalated but the officers ignored his directive and did not respond on time. The fight led to the death of four people while others were severely injured and are still nursing injuries at Ngai HCIII. 13 people have so far been arrested to help with the investigations.

According to Michael Odongo the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, the duo is currently detained at Lira Central Police Station, while the Police Standards Unit is investigating the matter.

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