Police officer Shoots, Kills Serial Rapist

Police officer Shoots, Kills Serial Rapist
Photo: Unknown 2019-10-15T06:05:33Z

A serial defiler has been shot dead by after charging at police officers that had gone to arrest him. The incident which is being investigated by the Territorial Police in Elgon Region and Sironko occurred when the suspect of Aggravated Defilement charged at the officers with a panga and the incident ended with a deadly shooting.

This occurred at around 5PM on the 12/10/2019 at Nabukalu village, Bumugwedi Parish, Busiita Sub-county, Sironko district.  Police spokesperson Fred Enanga identified the suspect as Wodeya Mathew, a 23-year-old, male adult who had ever committed defilement, two years back and escaped to Kaabong district, where he stayed with other members from his same village.  

While in Kaabong, Wodeya also defiled and impregnated 14-year-old, female juvenile and primary five pupil of Bukikoso Primary School in Kabong who was staying with her elder sister, before escaping back to his village in Sironko. 

According to Enanga, preliminary facts indicate that the suspect bought a panga and threatened to attack whoever attempted to arrest him. His mother pleaded with him to amicably resolve the matter but in vain.  

When the officers from a Police Station who came to arrest him tried to get him using holistic approaches, the suspect instead charged at them. They fired a warning shot in the air, and two other shots which hit the suspect and incapacitated him.  

Wodeya was rushed to Budadiri Health Centre IV and later succumbed to the injuries while being transferred to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. 
Police recovered exhibit of the panga from the scene of crime.

“The shooting is evidence of the violent nature of policing.  We urge all territorial commanders to always conduct thorough risk assessments before responding” Enanga says.

Adding that the officer identified as PC Musa Kirunda is on police bond, awaiting the opinion of the DPP, to help determine whether he acted in self defence or not.

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