Police dispatches Detectives to investigate Ziggy Wine’s kidnap, death

Police dispatches Detectives to investigate Ziggy Wine’s kidnap, death
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A team of detectives from the Criminal Investigations Directorate-CID has been dispatched to investigate the kidnap and murder of local musician Michael Kalinda alias Ziggy Wine. 

Kalinda who is said to be a member of singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s Fire Base Crew, breathed his last at Mulago National Referral Hospital in the wee hours of this morning where he was dumped by his kidnappers.

On Friday evening, the deceased musician was found in a devastating state after his assailants cut off his fingers and gouged out one of the eyes. He was bruised and could hardly recognize any body by the time he was discovered at Mulago hospital. 

Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson told a press briefing at Naguru this morning, that a team of homicide detectives has already started tracing for the thugs who kidnapped Kalinda from Gganda in Wakiso District.  

Enanga adds that detectives from Kawempe Police Division will work along CID homicide officers to establish circumstances under, which Kalinda was kidnapped, maimed leading to his death. 

According to the police mouthpiece, the detectives will retrieve footage from the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at Mulago hospital for clues on who could have dropped the deceased at the facility. His family notified police that they have been getting death threats from anonymous people warning them not speak about his kidnap. 

Enanga called upon family members to participate in the investigations by sharing information and particulars of the people threatening them. On the day of his kidnap, the deceased was allegedly donning red, the colors of the People Power political pressure group.
It remains a mystery, why he was kidnapped, tortured to such an extent.

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