Panic in Kampala as new criminal gang launches target on Business people 

Panic in Kampala as new criminal gang launches target on Business people 
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Uganda police force and sister security agencies say they have opened investigations into the origin of letters circulating in Kampala threatening some members of the business community, with a view to extort money from them.

The development was revealed by deputy police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango during a press conference at Naguru police head offices.

According to Onyango, the letters are being circulated by a group calling themselves ‘people’s agency’.

He told the media that carry intimidating messages, demanding for payment of cash in foreign currencies ranging from USD 30,000 to 45,000.

This money, according to the letters is supposed to be paid within three months as a contribution towards activities of the criminal gang. The money is to be paid in bit coin mode.

“We would like to assure the business community and all peace loving Ugandans that the criminality of this gang is being investigated and all those found practicing the same will be prosecuted in accordance with the law. So far, no arrests have been made” Onyango said.

He also told the media that some members of the criminal gang are being followed by police and that the CID is compiling and analyzing the evidence collected so far in order to expedite a decisive legal action which will be taken against all those involved.

“We call for calm within the business community and the country in general. We wish to appeal to the business community to equally enhance their personal security and safety at their homes, workplaces and when traveling. This can be done by CCTVs, escorts and deployment of guard dogs if possible” Onyango added.

He also urged business people to seek services of private security organizations as these firms support the policing roles especially in that regard of providing guards.

Onyango also advises business men and women to keep small amounts of cash on them, avoid yielding to the demands of these extortionists and be vigilant, report whoever delivers such letters.

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