Brothers in trouble over Missing Uncle

Brothers in trouble over Missing Uncle
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Two people are in custody at Lukaya police station over the disappearance of a 55-year-old man identified as Wilberforce Lukyamuzi, a resident of Kitti village in Bukulula sub-county. 

The duo is identified as Siraje Kanaabi and Joseph Gonja, both nephews of the missing person, who has not been seen since he vanished from his home on July 30, 2018.
According to Vianney Birungi the Officer in Charge of Lukaya police station, the duo’s arrest came after intelligence connected them directly to Lukyamuzi's disappearance.  

Birungi argues that they have commenced investigations to get to the bottom of the matter. Also, Deogratius Ssemwogerere a friend to Lukyamuzi blames his disappearance on the property he inherited from his late mother, Anna Naluwooza including land, houses and livestock, which the two suspects have been pressurizing him to share the property in vain.

This theory is supported by Umar Kayizzi, the Kitti Local Council One Chairperson, who says the disagreements lasted for over a month with the suspects threatening to wreak havoc, prompting Lukyamuzi to inform residents and local authorities about the property dispute and threats from his nephews.

However, the suspects deny any knowledge of the disappearance of Lukyamuzi, claiming that despite their differences, they would never harm Lukyamuzi.

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