DP’s Norbert Mao Threatens to Form Militia to counter Iron Bar Hit-men In Gulu

DP’s Norbert Mao Threatens to Form Militia to counter Iron Bar Hit-men In Gulu
Photo: Unknown 2017-05-26T08:42:36Z

The president general, Democratic Party, Norbert Mao is threatening to recruit a paramilitary force to counter the threat of iron bar hit-men on the streets of Gulu town at night.

Addressing journalists in Gulu district on Thursday, Mao said the group will be known as Citizens' Self Defence Patrol (CSDP). 

The tough speaking Mao said he will personally command the group explaining that it will comprise of volunteers, ex-rebel fighters, veterans and crime preventers among others. He says the desperate move has been prompted by failure of government security forces to dismantle the iron bar hit men over the last one year. 

Donning a military uniform bearing an inscription of his name "Mao", black gumboots and a military cap, the outspoken politician said the group will employ the use of traditional weaponries including arrows, bows, spears and other sharp objects to trail, eliminate or apprehend the hit men for police prosecution.

He said the army formally assigned him the uniform from National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi when he undertook a military training course in line with the provisions of Article 17 of the Constitution. The article provides that all able bodied citizens should undertake a military training to defend the constitution and the territorial integrity of Uganda.

Mao unveiled names of 17 victims of the iron bar hit-men over the last one year which he obtained from Police in Gulu. They include journalists and musicians Denis Okello alias 2Pee, Samuel Okaka of Radio Rupiny, Steven Balmoi attached to Mega FM and Jacob Okello Mucwee of Gulu FM.  

Others are Joe Odongkara, Samuel Opoka, Raymond Mwaka, Denis Okello Obema, Richard Omal, Small Opio, Robert Onekalit, Nighty Achan, Justin Oloya, John Oola Omona, Patrick Ochan, Odong Ojara and one Gowon.

The former Gulu district chairperson, who also represented Gulu Municipality in Parliament between 1996 and 2006, has given Police and the army up to one week before he starts his recruitment.

Security has not yet reacted to Mao's threats. However, Santos Okot Lapolo, Gulu resident district commissioner told residents in the town to form street committees to secure their neighborhoods.

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