High Court to Deliver Judgment in Kasiwukira Murder case today

High Court to Deliver Judgment in Kasiwukira Murder case today
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High Court Judge, Justice Wilson is today set to deliver his judgment in the murder case of Eria Ssebunya Bugembe, alias Kasiwukira.

Kasiwukira, a renowned businessman was knocked dead in 2014, and three people have since been arrested and prosecuted including his wife Sarah Nabikoro, her sister Sandra Nankungu and a police officer Jaden Ashraf.

Kasiwukira was knocked dead on October 17th 2016 in Muyenga diplomat zone while jogging early in the morning.

Led by senior principle state Attorney Alice Muhangi Kawuka and principle state attorney Samali Wakhooli, prosecution presented 23 witnesses who pinned the suspects to the murder.

However, the defence led by Macdosman Kabega, Nsubuga Mubiru, and Laudislas Rwakafuzi argued that all the 23 witnesses were conmen who even failed to pass the credibility test.

Jaden was pinned by a witness who said he had seen the police officer parked outside the deceased’s home with the killer car. The vehicle, a Pajero Reg.No. UAE 018A belonged to Sandra Nankungu.

She immediately after the gruesome murder sold it off to a security officer at Sameer agriculture and livestock at 2 million shillings on October 27th 2014.

Prosecution insists that Nabikoro, the deceased’s wife masterminded the murder on the fact that her husband had got a mistress.

Justice Musene has listened to both sides and will today deliver his judgment in this high profile case.

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