Panic as NRM Official is Murdered

Panic as NRM Official is Murdered
Photo: Unknown 2016-05-16T12:47:03Z

Residents of Ogom Village Ogwete parish, in Olimi Sub County Otuke district are in shock after their area L.C3 Chairperson Okullu Seriano 52 years was brutally murdered by unknown assailants.

Seriano, also a retired teacher stood on the NRM ticket in the recently concluded general elections.

According to Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, the deceased was alone in his grass thatched house on Saturday, 14th May, when unknown people attacked in the night, cut his neck, causing him to die instantly.

“The police has picked the body for postmortem and arrested the wife and his children who were staying in a different house,” Enanga said.

The deceased had separated with his wife, and there is suspicion that there was a domestic conflict. Enanga says inquiries into the matter are ongoing at Olimi Police station.

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