Rema Namakula The Liar! NTV’s Miles Rwamiti Says What Really Happened.

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As yesterday news rocked the web that Rema had been forced to leave USA because he was illegally trying to be USA!  

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Well, yesterday Miles Rwamiti while being asked to say something about the whole saga on NTV The Beat show hosted by Douglas Lwanga, Miles Rwamiti had this to say:-

Rema had a short leave visitor’s Visa yet she had come to perform at UNAA which required a work permit, she was trying to escape taxes but USA is not an easy country, I don’t know about her story where she claims to have flown back home because of Aamaal’s intensified sickness. A plane is not a bus where you will just jump off board at any time. he cleared

Miles Rwamiti is currently in USA covering UNAA event.

So we are asking if Rema was right to claim her daughter was too sick....minus telling the truth to her fans? Should she apologize for involving an innocent baby in these matter? Leave a comment 'coz we are sure REMA is a big fan of and she will take your advice!

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