Singer Buchaman Arrested In Tororo District

Photo: Unknown 2015-09-07T07:08:28Z

Singer Buchaman was arrested over allegedly obtaining money by false pretense from a local music promoter.

Buchaman was arrested on Friday from Queens Palace Malaba where had been hired to perform.

It is understood he was arrested on the basis of a pending case filed by a local promoter against him for failing to perform at a show on Idd day.

The music event was to take place in Manafwa district, but even after being paid an advance fee of sh700,000, Buchaman reportedly never showed up.

He has since been elusive, according Michael Odongo, the police spokesperson for Bukedi region.

It is understood the police continued to pursuit him up until Thursday when the complainant tipped them off of the singer’s presence in Tororo.

Odongo said the police would prefer charges of obtaining money by false pretense to the suspect.

The complainant, Rahim Mukungu Bab, said that failing to perform that day, Buchaman convinced them into organizing another show as compensation. He, again, reportedly failed to turn up.

Now Mukungu is demanding sh3.6m from the musician – including expenses incurred in hiring the venue, transport, advertisement, and others.

On his part, the suspect admitted receiving the initial advance payment (sh700,000) and expressed his willingness to make up for his shortcomings with two future shows.

[Credit: newvision]

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