Khalifah Aganaga’s Manger Dumped Over Domestic Violence

Photo: Unknown 2015-08-23T19:08:08Z

Khalifah Aganaga’s Manager, Emma Carlos Mulondo and his girlfriend Ritah Nakyanzi are no longer item, according to latest reports.

The break up comes just a day after the internet caught wind of Emma Carlos’ ugly manners of beating up his wife repeatedly and failing to fulfill his manly duties at home.

In an article we published yesterday, we included a screen we obtained from Henry Kakensa’s wall in which Emma’s in-law dished secrets of how he (Emma) has become a commando in his house “he beats up my sister every other day, she even got a miscarriage and ended up in hospital  as a result of Emma’s blows” the in-law revealed

“We are going to take my sister away from him because he has never even paid bride pride” she added.

Before Emma Carlos absorbed this message and everything that was being said about him on the web, his wife Ritah was on her way out of their house and as you read this she has reportedly cut the relationship and is now camping at a friend’s place until she finds another man.

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