Jose Chameleone Fires Manager After Losing At Mtv Mama Awards

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Popular Ugandan Singer, Jose Chameleone has fired Manager Robert Mutiima Nkuke after losing to Nigerian Star Dbanj in the MTV MAMA Evolution category.

The Wale Wale Singer recently shot bullets of blame at Ugandans for failing to support him and now he has turned the gun against his own Manager.

Mutiima has allegedly been booted for being incompetent and failing to make Chameleone the international star he wants to become, a source tells us.

The source adds that there has been a rift brewing between the two working partners over financial indiscipline

"Robert acquired himself a very expensive car without Chameleone's consent,  Nkuke lied to the media that Chameleone bought him the ride, which is absolutely not true - that also might have also caused some sore" -- the source said

Robert Nkuke's tenure as Chameleone's Manager has lasted only a year after he took over from Sam Mukasa who currently manages King Saha.

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Chameleone has according to reports assigned a new team which includes his big brother Humphrey Mayanja who will take care of his USA shows, Fred Zink who is now responsible for all his shows in Canada, Alim Mosh responsible for United Kingdom, Mama Africa and Ruba Dennis for Schengen and Australia.

Robert Nkuke Mutiima however remains on the team as a booking agent in Uganda, he will work along side Bobkins, Balaam, dick productions and buddies.

We'll keep you informed ... in case anything develops!

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