Mary Bata's Boyfriend Puts Her to Absolute Shame After Leaked Pre-Sextape

Photo: Unknown 2015-07-11T12:29:17Z

Sometimes problems can come in a bundle, one after the other. Just recently we published a story reporting how singer Mary Bata broke up with her long time boyfriend Charles Kalangwa after a video emerged on the internet showing the "Disappointment" singer in a sexy romp with a mysterious Sangoma guy.

Shock as Horny Singer Mary Baata's Pre-Sex Tape Leaks!! [Watch It]

A source has exclusively told that Charles has apparently  taken away a car he had earlier given to Mary Bata when their relationship was still in good gears.

“Charles is so bitter and humiliated by the singers deeds, he has been injecting a lot of cash in the singer thinking she was pregnant with his baby but it turns out that Mary faked a pregnancy with intentions of digging money from Charles” — the source says

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