“I Often Have Sex After My Show On NTV.”-- Robin Kitsi

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While other women are always praying that they get some morning bony from their men, NTV Login Presenter Robin Kisti is making all excuses to deny her man his basic Human right of having sex before he hits his work place!

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While the slender NTV Login presenter was hosted at a local radio station, she revealed that hates morning sex.

“I hate morning sex, it’s not really my thing,” she concealed. “I often have sex after my show on NTV.”

Well, this Robin Kitsi, perhaps she needs Sengas to teacher her how and when to serve a man best sex! Howwe Love doctors recommend Robin to  go to Ssenga Nantume for further lectures

Moreso, Robin says she is very shy in the bedroom and while having sex she covers her face with a pillow. Woow!!

Hey Female reader, are you in the same league with Robin Kitsi?

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