IRYN NAMUBIRU is Lying About Her AGE – Ragga Dee

Photo: Unknown 2013-12-18T02:17:57Z

Last week she posted on her Facebook page on how she had clocked 32 and was thanking God for it.

But as pals talked to Raga Dee over the weekend, he revealed that when he released his first hit song ‘Bamusakata’ in 1994, Iryn was 17 years old and his backup singer in their group Da Hommies  with Messe now of Amalula Family.

He said that by 1996 she had completed her A level and she kicked off her music career in her vacation. Later in 1999 she met Juliana Kanyomozi with whom they started their I-Jay group.

So in simple calculation if she was 17 in 1994 she ought to be 36 in 2013 or around that stage, not 32 as she claims. So if you thought Desire Luzinda and Judith Heard are the only celebs living in reverse age, then you got yourself another one.

source [RP]

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