MC Kats Buys Fille A Car…Is He Still Bribing Fille For Her Love?

Photo: Unknown 2015-01-08T08:11:26Z

After Fille’s mum appreciated and approved events emcee Katamba Edward aka MC Kats and singer Fille Mutoni relationship, KATS has been excited smiling from ear to ear,  started making everyday a love life with her sweetheart singer Fille.

Howwe has learnt, the NTV Xposed presenter has bought a car for Fille. Love, Love, Love!!! Katamba is back in love after several women have dumped him and left him with a Kindergarten of kids at his home. So will Fille do the same? Will Kats man up and settle with Fille for eternity? Howwe prays for the best of you.


However sources say, despite the little money MC Kats earns, he has decided to starve and buy Fille a car. Hmmh??! Mc Kats believes the singer is the most Understanding lady he has met in his Life, Not only Fille does she know how to sing but she treats MC KATS and his nursery of Kids with a lot of respect and knows how to live in hard time, she can handle poor guys!  

As for the meantime, Fille is rumoured to be bragging around town with a maroon RAV 4, as she waits introduction and MC KATS other babies before the year ends.


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