I am not ready to marry - Pallaso

I am not ready to marry - Pallaso
Photo: Unknown 2021-11-23T19:06:48Z

Just like his brothers, Pallaso is one of the celebrated casanavos.

He has dated a string of women over the years but has never come close to walking down the aisle.

The reigning Zzina Awards artist of the year confessed during an interview with Galaxy FM that he is so focused on his music, he has no plans of marrying.

“I am so focused on my music. I have no plan of marrying, maybe tying a knot with my music,” he told Florah, the gossip presenter on the station.

Pallaso, however, emphasized that he has children. He looks after them like any other responsible father.

Pallaso was recently rumored to be dating singer, Sasha Brighton.

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