I don’t depend on men for survival - Lydia Jazmine

I don’t depend on men for survival - Lydia Jazmine
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-21T18:42:09Z

Singer Lydia Jazmine, 30, has no known bonkmate.

Despite being linked to several loaded men, the “Kapeesa” singer has never admitted dating any of them.

While appearing on Spark TV for an interview, Lydia Jazmine dismissed the allegations of siphoning money from men to finance her lifestyle.

The sexy diva said she works hard, her bank balance is enough to give her a good lifestyle.

She doesn’t need a man with big pockets.

 “Don’t I have my own money? Who tells you that I want a man with deep pockets.  I am a very hard-working woman. I look after myself and the people around me. When the time for marrying comes,  It will be my own decision," she disclosed.

Previously, Lydia Jazmine dated producer Bushingtone and city moneylender R. Kampala.

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