Kabako Blocked from Constructing on Disputed Land

Kabako Blocked from Constructing on Disputed Land
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-18T18:35:50Z

Musician Kabako has been battling a land wrangle for over a year now. The musician has, however, not relented despite several attacks from the Busabala chairman and other locals.

Kabako, who had kick-started the construction of the house early this month was ordered to stop until the matters are resolved.

It is reported the area local committee headed by Chairman, Ntuuyo Steven asked him to keep away from the disputed land.

"The committee sat and agreed to stop the construction as of now. Hajjati provided her reasons and were valid. The chairman asked Kabako not to continue with the building for now,"  close neighbor who attended the meeting told this Website.

But Kabako has vowed not to stop the construction of his rentals. He says the land belongs to him and he doesn't have to consult anyone when to use it.

Kabako is battling the ownership of the land with one Hajjati Namusisi. She claims she has documents to prove she bought the land before Kabako found interest in it.

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