I Never Invited Chameleone To NUP - Bobi Wine 

I Never Invited Chameleone To NUP - Bobi Wine 
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-22T19:55:21Z

National Unity Platform (NUP) boss Robert Kyagulanyi said in an interview with a local television that he shouldn't be blamed for Chameleone's actions since he never invited him to NUP. 

"I didn't invite Chameleone to sign up with NUP, he introduced himself to the party. He has always been free to leave at any time," he said.

He added that Chameleone can join any political party he desires.

It should be noted that Chameleone went on record to say he has never left National Resistance Movement (NRM). 

“My greatest witness can be Mr. Toyota, my friend. I have never left NRM. If you doubt that, put up your cameras and record me. I am still NRM,” Chameleone said while speaking at an event organized by Toyota Nuwagira.

Excited Toyota led Chameleone to where the car was and handed him keys.

This prompted Chameleone to go on his knees to thank Toyota.

When the video of what transpired that night was released, it caused public uproar with many wondering how a legend could kneel for just a car.

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