Bajjo Is Ignorant About Chameleone's career - NBS TV's Kayz

Bajjo Is Ignorant About Chameleone's career - NBS TV's Kayz
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-22T19:16:34Z

NBS TV's entertainment journalist Kawaalya Isaac aka Kayz has lashed out at Promoter Bajjo over his comments against Jose Chameleone.

Kayz explained that Bajjo has no moral authority to criticize him.

Chameleone chased Congolese music out of Uganda. He didn't stop at that, he mentored most of the best musicians Uganda has ever had. All the best artists in Uganda since 2000 almost passed through his mentorship.

He established Leone Island, groomed Mowzey Radio, and Weasel whom no one knew about except through Leone island, he mentored them, set them free to soar higher. 

He added that what Chameleone is going through, Bajjo can not be in a position to know, he should shut up.

"Bajjo is speaking out of ignorance, you can not say that Jose Chameleone hasn't groomed anyone when so many artists have passed through his arms," he partly said in an interview with local television.

In an interview, Bajjo had blamed Chameleone for failing to mentor other musicians.

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