Weasel & Shamba Boy Have Always Fought — Pallaso

Weasel & Shamba Boy Have Always Fought — Pallaso
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-16T19:18:07Z

Reports circulated online that Weasel had beaten his shamba boy, Kaweesi Cyrus, a few weeks ago.

Kaweesi’s mother disclosed that her son had been beaten and left with a fractured leg and a wounded head, among other injuries.

In a new interview, Weasel’s brother, Pallaso shed more light on the relationship between Cyrus and Weasel.

According to Pallaso, the two have had issues for a long time. 

The fights, however, didn’t turn physical until recently.

They often settled their disagreements amicably, but he wonders why their issues remain unresolved up to this date.

Recently, Cyrus told the press that Weasel had stopped paying his bills yet hasn’t recovered.

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