Nina Roz Calls Out Men Over Disrespectful Behavior

Nina Roz Calls Out Men Over Disrespectful Behavior
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-31T19:09:51Z

Musician Nina Roz who has been in the news due to her troubled love life has asked men to always respect women.

She says men should treat women as their equals.

Nina Roz who was performing on one of the events around town urged men to stop sharing their family secrets with the public and media.

"Men ought to give maximum respect to all women. I ask you to pass on that message to all husbands out there. Matters of the heart should be discussed in the bedroom," she cried out.

Nina Roz is currently in a struggling relationship with city producer/singer, Daddy Andre. 

A few weeks ago, Daddy Andre went public about the problems they are facing as a couple. This was attracted attention from the media and social media inlaws.

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