Someone Used Witchcraft To End My Stardom - Ziza Bafana

Someone Used Witchcraft To End My Stardom - Ziza Bafana
Photo: Unknown 2021-03-07T20:22:36Z

Musician Ziza Bafana was one of the most promising musicians. He enjoyed the stardom for a few years before he changed management and everything went South. He has not released any single hit in years.

Due to frustration, he resorted to drugs to forget his sorrows. He now blames his musical problems on witchcraft. He says most people in the industry use African chemistry and he is a victim of that. He was bewitched by his competitors.

"Some of the musicians in the industry use witchcraft, it is such things which are still affecting us as the industry. I am a victim of African industry, " he partly said in an interview with a local YouTuber.

However, most people believe Bafana's problems stem from drug addiction, he uses all tribes of drugs. He has lived a depressing life ever since he separated from manager Roger Lubega.

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