URA Auctions Pallaso's  Car

URA Auctions Pallaso's  Car
Photo: Unknown 2021-03-02T19:42:41Z

Musician Pallaso has protested the Uganda Revenue Authority's decision to auction his car. The singer revealed he has failed to pay taxes because he has not been working because of Covid-19.

Pallaso said he is sad that his dream car will be sold off by the tax authority because he no money to pay clearing fees.

He cried out to the taxi authorities to give him a second chance before they auction it off.

"I can't believe URA is auctioning my car for sale. It has been seated there for a year now while I haven't been on stage to pay for it. My dream car is going to ashes. I wonder how they expect me to be able to pay without work in this pandemic," he tweeted.

Uganda Revenue Authority is the only organization mandated by law to correct taxes on behalf of the government in the country. It also clears imported goods such as cars before they are used by owners in Uganda.

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