Sophie Gombya Opens up on  Wrangles with Ykee Benda

Sophie Gombya Opens up on  Wrangles with Ykee Benda
Photo: Unknown 2021-02-21T19:13:04Z

Band musician Sophie Gombya has for the first time shed light on her misunderstandings with musician Ykee Benda.

Gombya says Ykee Benda is just a jealous person who feels bad whenever fellow musicians refer to her as the UMA president.

She insists that she has no bad blood with the "Eva" singer. She feels bad that other artists don't respect her but it's not her fault.

"My misunderstandings with Ykee Benda roots from the fact that people still call me the President of UMA, yet they don't recognize him. But it's not my fault," she said in an interview with NBS TV.

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