NBS’ Simon Njala Trolls Paul Owor Over Loss

NBS’ Simon Njala Trolls Paul Owor Over Loss
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-20T21:13:25Z

NBS TV host, Simon Kaggwa Njala was pleased by the loss of Paul Owor who had intended to represent Busiro South.

Njala couldn’t hide his excitement as he took to his Twitter to announce his feelings towards Owor.

“Welcome to my Taiwan world Bwana @HustleKing01. I took the wine to celebrate your loss. Your crooked ways were resoundingly rejected by the people of Busiro South. This nuisance of rented support and posturing could not define us. Good riddance to raw chaff!”

Owor didn’t take it lightly. He responded with a jab, calling Njala a corrupt human being. 

Njala, himself, lost in the same race in 2016.

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