Nubian Li's Wife Speaks Out on His Arrest

Nubian Li's Wife Speaks Out on His Arrest
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-10T19:12:51Z

No married woman wants to enjoy cold nights.

Nubian Li's wife coils in bed alone every night because her hubby was arrested and detained with NUP supporters.

Mutoni Shiko, a mother to three said she misses Nubian Li but she supports his struggle to free Ugandans from the craws of the dictator.

"We miss him as a family but still we knew he will be behind bars any day, good enough we know and understand he is fighting for Ugandans and that keeps us going," she said in an interview with local television.

Nubian Li was arrested alongside Bobi Wine's immediate bodyguard Eddy Mutwe and city producer Dan Magic in  Kalangala.

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