Walukaga Narrates How  He Survived Arrest By Police

Walukaga Narrates How  He Survived Arrest By Police
Photo: Unknown 2020-11-25T21:59:09Z

Singer Mathias Walukaga was among many people accused of coordinating protests around the country after Bobi Wine was arrested and held at Nalufenya. 

He was wanted by police for questioning but he didn't turn up until he was sure that he was safe.

In an interview with a local TV, Walukaga said he did everything to avoid arrest.

“I slept in my car and sometimes, at my friend's homes. Life was hard, but I don’t regret supporting Bobi Wine,” he said after he asked about the allegations that he coordinated strikes around the city.

He further narrated that after getting tired of running around, he decided to present himself to police where he was asked several questions but most importantly, he was not arrested.

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