Zari tells Zahara Toto: Go Work On Your Fat Tummy

Zari tells Zahara Toto: Go Work On Your Fat Tummy
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-05T21:09:54Z

NBS Uncut presenter Zahara Toto often criticizes Zari over her choices in life. Zari often ignores her insults but it seems she couldn't take it anymore.

Zari advised Zahara Toto to spend more time in gym to get in shape instead of concentrating on her.

"When I look at a person like Zahara Totto,  I wonder and question how she grew up. Zahara, I am only gonna send you love. You see me here, I gained some weight but my figure is still on. If that is the case, please let us hit the gym and cut weight to gain back our figures. Fine, I gained some weight but when you look at me atleast you can spot the difference between my waist and the stomach plus the hips but Zahara you can’t. So let’s hit the gym. In fact, that time you waste abusing others, you can benefit from it by being constructive and taking good care of yourself,” Zari advised Zahara Totto.

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