King Micheal Claims Balaam wants to kill him

King Micheal Claims Balaam wants to kill him
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-28T07:58:40Z

Faded musician King Micheal is always in the media lamenting how he is broke and was used like a condom by NRM.

The latest is that he claims that Balaam wants to see him dead.

King Micheal alleges that he has been receiving  numerous calls instructing  him to stay away from Balaam.

He accuses Balaam of being the mastermind of the problems he is facing in life. 

He further says that Balaam took all the money he got from President Museveni and continues to sabotage his plans to meet the President. 

"Balaam wants to end my life. He took away the money I got from the President and on the same day, he ran a video of me receiving cows from the President," he said during a local television Interview.

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