Big Eye Bonked  Bryan White’s secretary - Former employee reveals

Big Eye Bonked  Bryan White’s secretary - Former employee reveals
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-26T08:37:47Z

For about two weeks now, socialite Bryan White has been in the news for alleged sexual harrashment of his two former secretaries, a one Stella Nandawula and Vivian Matanda.

The two girls claim  Bryan White forced them to abort several times after impregnating them.

However, a lady known as Madinah Muhamad Tumusiime, who claims to have worked for Bryan White and shared a room with Vivian Matanda during her stay at the Munyonyo based Bryan White Foundation revealed shocking secrets.

During an interview with Simba FM’s Kakalamu Da Answer, she confirmed Vivian was  Big Eye’s girlfriend and the two often bonked.

Big Eye was responsible for Vivian’s pregnancy  but he did not want anything to do her so she   shifted the blame to Bryan White who was also sharing her bed.

Bryan White asked her to abort.

Madinah further emphasized that she never witnessed Bryan White beat up any of his employees.

In an attempt to get Big Eye’s side of the story by the same presenter, the musician declined to answer and hanged up.

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