List of Tycoons Whose Properties Have Been Swallowed by L.Victoria

List of Tycoons Whose Properties Have Been Swallowed by L.Victoria
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Owning a home by the lake shores comes with stunning views that seem like a dream come true. However, your slice of paradise will come with added costs, some that can be difficult to anticipate or plan for.

A dream that has always been nursed by many is becoming a problem to many tycoons in Uganda.

Staying by the shores  of Lake Victoria is not safe anymore as water levels at the lake have recently increased invading people’s homes, businesses and properties. Here are some people who have been affected;

Hammis Kiggundu

About a week ago, prominent businessman Hammis Kiggundu was forced to leave his home after a huge chunk of his home was cut off by the violent waters.

Ham’s house is located in Kawuku village. He moved in it in 2015, and at the house warming party, Ham invited the paparazzi and creme del creme of Kampala.

He revealed then that he had spent about  Shs12.3bn to build the  house. He also touted his house as the best in Africa.

His home features a swimming pool, a basket ball court and a private members’ club overlooking Luzira prisons.
Indoors, the crib, which is mostly white-walled, has 25 bedrooms, a 27ft61 master suite with bathtubs, a 5D cinema room, wine cellar, gaming room with a pool table, automatic gate, to mention just a few luxuries.

Pastor Robert Kayanja

Miracle Centre Cathedral senior pastor Robert Kayanja owns a plush home in Kawuku, Bunga at the shores of the lake Victoria. No one, however, wants to stay at his home today including himself as the home is at the risk of being submerged by the furious waters of the lake.

Part of his compound has already been flooded by the rioting waters.

Kayanja has not yet deserted his home but he might be forced to do so as his neighbors have abandoned homes and businesses. 

Patrick Bitature

Patrick Bitature’s 4-star Protea Hotel Hotel in Entebbe was not spared. Pictures emerged along with videos recently showing how almost half of the hotel had been submerged by water waves. 

Protea was an ideal place for tourists visiting Uganda due to its proximity near the airport, just 1km away. The hotel has 67 bedrooms. 

Sudhir Ruparelia

He is the owner of Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo. The hotel sits on a prime lake-shore piece of real estate that measures an estimated 275 acres. But part of the hotel was invaded by water destroying property.

The hotel was undergoing an expansion process only to be halted by the brunt of nature.

Serena Kigo

Serena Kigo is not what it used to be. The Golf course was closed off after water from L.Victoria invaded the hotel. The hotel has lost its green beauty as the compound was all flooded. 

Speenah/ White Sand Beach

It is one of the top hangout spots in Entebbe, but it has lost its spot after losing part of its beauty to the lake.

According to Christopher Ahimbisibwe, the manager at Spenah Beach in Entebbe, they can no longer boast of having sand at the beach. 

The watchtower for monitoring swimmers at the beach is among things that were fully submerged. 

“The water level is continuing to rise and there is nothing I can do. One side of the wall at the protection zone has fallen into the water. Even after the lockdown, I don’t know how we will continue the business. I am just home now, social distancing,” Mr Ahimbisibwe was quoted by a local media platform after the beach was invaded.

Others whose homes are said to have been invaded are Pastor Gary Skinner, Peter Sematimba and Sylivia Owori who own homes at the shores.

People Asked to Relocate

Scientists say water levels at the lake Victoria have increased due to climate variability. 

Dr Callist Tindimugaya, the commissioner for water resources planning and regulation  at the Ministry of Water and Environment says people should move away from the shores of the lake.

“The level is going up. We cannot stop the water. We can only manage it at Jinja. Move to other areas if you are near the shores. Because even Lakes Kyoga, Albert and River Nile, the water levels are also increasing as we release the water from Jinja.”

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